Friday 8 August 2008

Islands of Adventure: Jurassic Park Toilets Offer Visitors Some Jungle Love

Islands of Adventure Theme Park
Jurassic Park Toilet
Universal Orlando Resort
1000 Universal Studios Plaza
Orlando, FL USA

Where is it?

Enter the Jurassic Park area from the Toon Lagoon side and approach the area's centerpiece, Jurassic Park The Ride, which is a fun but short log flume ride that lets you take a tame cruise through the famed dinosaur land. Of course, halfway through things turn bad and you enter a restricted area filled with the nastier creatures from the films. The ride ends with an 85-foot drop into water.

Anyway, as you approach the ride, there is a small gift kiosk on your left (actually, the area where you exit the ride). The bathrooms are to the left of that kiosk, around back.

What's it like?

Given its proximity to Toon Lagoon, you expect these toilets to be equally horrific to those. After all, these are the closet facilities to those awful ones and if families are in a rush and those toilets are full then these are your closest bet for comfort.

But the walk from Toon Lagoon to here is a bit long in terms of theme-park distances -- maybe five to seven minutes -- and these toilets are a bit hidden from view because of the set design of the area, which is filled with jungle vegetation and twisty paths, so maybe finding it is harder than it seems.

I don't know. Either way, these were lovely toilets. Roomy, filled with a fun green and brown tile design on the walls and an inviting beige tile on the floors, very clean, private feeling and odor-free. If only more of the toilets in the park were like this one -- and sadly, only one other was, the Lost Continent bathrooms, and those were slightly better than these.

Set-up wise, it's a lot like the Hulk Coaster toilets, in that the urinals are set along the back wall, the toilet stalls are opposite them, and the sink stations are up front. Only the room itself has a few more corners to round. The colorful tile work makes it feel like the place is more spacious than it really is, and makes the place all the more inviting.

One of the nicer touches is the way the walls jet out around the sinks, forming small, sort of unspoken, barriers between the stations. I also liked the somewhat tucked away location of the toilets, which make you feel like you're entering a sort of bungalow oasis. Sure, it's a theme park bungalow, but nice nonetheless.

It's a clean smelling and clean-looking environment, as said earlier. My only complaint was in finding a bit of poo remnants from a previous visitor in a toilet stall. (No, I wasn't looking for it.) But then, if you take that as an indication that the toilet hasn't been cleaned in a while and that the place was still nearing immaculate condition, it only increases my respect for these facilities. In many ways, they reminded me a lot of the toilets I experienced at the Luxor in Las Vegas.

And, it should be noted that these are some of the furthest-away toilets from the entrance in the park. Definitely worth a stop while here, especially if you're needing a quiet toilet that's clean, fun and away from the maddening crowd.

Marks out of 10:

8. One of the better toilets in the park.

Comments to the Management:

Unlike some of the other Islands of Adventure toilets, this one feels well-kept and well-maintained. It might need another visitor or two during the day from attendants, but otherwise you've done a fine job here.

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