Tuesday 1 January 2008

2007’s Best and Worst Public Toilets

From luxury loos to crappy crappers, Where’s the Toilet? reveals its best and worst public toilet experiences of 2007.

Best movies. Best albums. Best dressed celebrities. Best toilets. As each year ends, the media bombards us with pop-culture based lists that look back on the year’s high and low points.

Not wanting to be left out, David and Eyal, founding editors of Where’s the Toilet?, decided it was perfect time to reveal their best and worst toilet-going experiences of 2007.

“We’ve been though a lot this year,” said Dawson. “We’ve experienced some truly golden moments, no pun intended, as well as some horrific experiences. It seemed foolish not to sum them all up for the end of the year.”

The Toilet Awards for best and worst toilet experiences on Where’s the Toilet? is as follows:

The Top 5

These are what David and Eyal found to be the best toilets experienced of 2007 (based on the site’s ratings):
  1. Wynn Las Vegas, NV, USA (bathrooms beside Mojito’s)
  2. Lumley Castle Hotel, Chester-Le-Street, UK
  3. Hotel Jerome, Aspen, CO, USA
  4. Sani Fare Toilets, Various Locations, Germany
  5. Okada, Wynn Las Vagas, NV, USA
Editor’s Pick (based on experience): Mall at Millenia, Orlando, Florida, USA (food court toilets)

“It didn’t make our top five list, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a high-quality toilet-going experience,” said Dawson. “We have often marveled at how this toilet, which after all is only in a mall, surpasses expectations. Better still, it provides top class hotel quality for the masses at no charge!”

The Bottom 5

The most downright dreadful toilet experiences of 2007 (based on the site’s ratings):
  1. Pho Pasteur, Orlando, FL, USA
  2. Ghiradelli, San-Francisco, CA, USA
  3. BP Services, Chateauvillain, France
  4. Ay Jalisco, Sebastian, FL, USA
  5. Oriental Supermarket, Orlando, FL, USA.
Editor’s Pick: The Crappiest Crapper of 2007: Ay Jalisco, Sebastian, FL, USA.

“It’s so bad, we couldn’t even include a picture,” said Dawson. “Needless to say, we will not be visiting again.”


Anonymous said...

I find this site vile, despicable and deplorable. The gentle yet everlasting bond between man and his throne - and the act of seeking glorious relief - is one that is best kept private. Of course, I guess that by providing these articulate and detailed reviews, you are giving readers a tool to enhance their visit to the world's finest (and avoid trips to the filthiest) lavatories. For that, I thank you. So, never mind.

Anonymous said...

From the pics you have of the worst toilets of 2007, they pretty much look like Thrones to me. First off I would like to say, please show some more pics, a simple description does not cut it for me, I need to be grossed out beyond belief so that my mind is etched with the city and place, so that if i ever stumble on that town, i'll have my depends ready to go. I have seen toilets i would not want my worst enemy to have to take a deuce in,, and what I see does not compare.

Eyal said...

We try to include as many pics as possible with our reviews, and usually the only reason we don't have a pic is because we couldn't find a good time to take a decent shot (i.e. -- we would have gotten beaten up or something if we'd flipped out the camera phone at that moment). Some of the ones on the Worst Of list, I admit, didn't have a photo at the time the review came out because we weren't thinking about that yet. But they were pretty horrible -- bad enough to keep us from returning, at least. We will definitely have more pics in the future, though. And, of course, if you'd like to submit your own review and pics, we'd be happy to post them.

David said...

And the results of getting caught in the act of snapping a rest room are at the very least some seriously odd looks, especially in San Francisco.

I think Eyal will remember when we were inspecting Rangetsu on International Drive in Orlando only to hear someone flush in one of the stalls.

A hasty retreat was made!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this list. Honestly its one of the best blogs of strange things I've ever come across. Keep it up and can't wait for 2008's!