Saturday 29 December 2007

Hotel Jerome is Mining Town Winter Wonderland

Hotel Jerome
330 East Main Street
Aspen, CO USA 81611

Where is it?

From the main reception head towards the fireplace and then left down the corridor that runs by the J Bar. At the end, head around to the right and keep going past the doors to the outside pool (on your left) and the elevators (to the right). You’ll see the corridor to the toilets on your right. The Men’s is first on the left and the Ladies’ is second.

What’s it like?

Get this clear before we begin. This is no motel by the highway. It’s a place where movie stars and locals meet. Hotel Jerome has been operating since 1889 and is both one of the more luxurious and historic places that I’ve been lucky enough to stumble across on my travels. Visiting when it was very off peak (look at the prices in during the wine festival and you’ll see why my boss wouldn’t have tolerated a visit on peak) I was delighted by the standard of the hotel. The service was second to none! Add to that that this silver mining town has been reinvented as a premiere ski resort, that snow had already fallen before visitied, and you end up with the potenital for a winter wonderland.

Indeed, the whole place exudes unpretentious and relaxed class. As one of my colleagues who is based locally said on entering the foyer for the first time, its all rather Bugsy Malone! As I had arrived late on Saturday afternoon and got my meetings out of the way early on Sunday it was great to be able to relax in the heated pool, even if the temperatures were down at 21F. Add to that the décor that really makes you believe you could be in a turn of the century mining town, and you are left with a fantastic place to stay.

Its good to be able to say that the toilets pull off all the class and comfort that pervades the rest of the hotel. From the wallpaper to the stalls these toilets have the ability to convince you that you are in a mining town, but living in the utmost luxury at the same time. There are some nice touches, with great flowers, an oversize wicker basket acting as a bin, and homely furniture.

Overall, this is a place that makes you feels at home, whilst pulling off great style.

Marks out of 10:

11. Mining town elegance at its best.

Comments to the management:

Unique toilets you should be proud of.

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