Saturday 3 February 2007

Pho pho phooey

Pho Pasteur: Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine
Pinar Plaza
710 S. Goldenrod Rd.
Orlando, FL USA 32822

Where Is It?

An arched wall of mirrors divides the back wall of the dining room. To the right (when facing the wall) is the kitchen entrance; to the left, the bathrooms, tucked into the far back corner of the restaurant.

What's It Like?

Disgusting. While the dining room is squeaky clean and comfortable, the restroom looks -- and smells -- like it hasn't been scrubbed (or even sprayed with cleaner) for weeks. Mildew and hard water stains ring the sink, urinal and toilet, the chipped linoleum tile on the floor is filled with grime and the toilet's tank looks like it's had a sledgehammer taken to it (either that, or a karate competition was held in the stall and no one bothered to clean up afterwards). Worse still, the sharp stench of urine stings your nostrils the instant you walk in. When coupled with the multitude of air fresheners sticking to the walls (nearly all of them dried out), you may start wondering if you've accidentally stepped into some long-lost, never-cleaned last-resort toilet in middle of nowhere Indochina.

Marks out of 10:

1. I've seen cleaner toilets in the jungles of Peru, believe it or not.

Comments to the Management:

The rest of your restaurant is so tidy and clean, and the food is phenomenal (some of the best Vietnamese in Orlando) -- so why does your bathroom have to be such a wreck? Given it's appearance, people may soon start to wonder about the cleanliness of the other parts of the restaurant -- like your kitchen.

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