Saturday 3 February 2007

Assault Course Coffee Shop

35 High Street, Witney,
Oxfordshire. OX28 6HP.
United Kingdom

Where is it?

This is an assault course. Really, be careful as you work through the stages.

1) Go through the shop.
2) Get past the staff who want to seat you in the restaurant.
3) Weave through the tables until you get to the very back...
4) ...and skip to the left.
5) Jump through the door.
6) Just to the right is the female baby changing facilities. Go straight and there are individual stools for gents and women.

What’s it like?

This is a great place to stop off and have a sandwich or small meal. The bread is great, and the portions plentiful. Having said that it is always busy and there are so many tables to navigate around that you really can image yourself dodging grenades on a Second World War battlefield as you head off for the toilets.

When you get there the impressive thing, for what is after all only a small coffee place, is that it provides baby changing facilities. Still, I have to question if female only baby changing is PC. Men do change nappies and the ones who make the effort really shouldn’t be discriminated against!

Assuming you don’t have a child in tow, the fact that the toilets are singles is impressive, especially when you get an electric hand dryer in each. They are also of an OK size and clean enough too. However, the décor is dated. Come on, I thought it was against the law to have dado rails in public buildings since 1995!

What’s more a mirror that is far too low continues the assault course theme. Well, either that or its sole purpose is to show your crotch area. Even when crouching down I still couldn’t get a good view of my face. I was tempted to try for the limbo approach, but quite frankly gave up.

Marks out of 10:

7 for the family centred approach and privacy.

Comments to the management:

If you cleaned up the décor and thought about how people used the facilities you’d get a ten.

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