Saturday 3 February 2007

Fake Royalty?

The Crown Inn & La Cucina Restaurant,
31 High Street, Woodstock,
Oxfordshire OX20 1TE
United Kingdom

Where is it?

To get to the toilets go straight to the bar when you enter and then head left. When you get to the end of the bar go right and down the corridor. The Gents (you cannot miss the sign as it’s 6ft. high) is straight in front. The ladies have to turn right at door to the Gents and take 3 steps where the door is on the left.

What’s it like?

The Crown Inn is a standard pub that has a little pizza restaurant – La Cucina – attached to it. The food is great and the staff friendly, that makes what is about to come so disappointing.

You walk in and think, ‘hey this is quite cool’. Then you soon realise that whoever put these toilets together has schizoid tendencies when it comes to style. Really, the let down here is so great it has to be compared to meeting a princess and waking up the next day to find the alcohol of the night before really did play a cruel trick on you.

So what’s so bad about it. Well it isn’t the quality – some real money was spent here. Still, the tiles are a colour of blue that doesn’t match with the slightly sick coloured floor. The sink is set so low that only a midget could wash their hands in it. Conversely, the stools are a set too high for most. But mostly you have to say it is the mismatches between everything that let it down. Colours, styles, just everything!

What does that leave us with? A restroom that is quite clean but leaves you feeling distinctly grubby. If that’s a contradiction it fits with the style of this place!

Marks out of 10:

6. But oh the angst this place has caused…

Comments to the management:

Next time you spend a few quid, get someone who knows something about style to help out.

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