Monday 12 February 2007

Nice bathroom, but Mama Mia the service, she is a-slow!

Outside Mama Mia; photo courtesy of www.mamamiaskitchen.comMama Mia's Kitchen
13409 US Hwy1

Riverwalk Shopping Plaza

Sebastian, FL USA 32958

Where is it?

From the front door, go to the back of the dining room, down a little corridor in the far left corner (the waitress station) and all the way to the end of the hall, staying to the left as you walk (otherwise you'll end up in the kitchen). The toilets will be on the left.

What's it like?

A standard one-seater that's elevated to greater heights, thanks to some some nifty, homespun touches. The floor and half of the walls are covered with rust-colored terracotta tile, and the upper parts of the walls are covered in colorful wallpaper and contain quirky pictures (funny-looking planes and such). Very homey and unpretentious, and very welcoming -- at least as bathroom's go.

In fact, that's the vibe for the whole restaurant -- quaint, homey, family friendly. The food's good and comforting, as is the decor.

Having said that, it's a shame the service is so awful. We waited 45 minutes for our salads to come out after we placed our order -- and then waited another hour for our main courses. And it wasn't like they were that busy, you know?

Naturally, all these delays gave me plenty of time to check out the toilets. However, even that step of the dining experience sufferred from the poor service. When I approached the waitress station at the back of the dining room and asked where the toilets were, a woman (without looking at me) pointed loosely in the direction of the aforementioned corridor (leading to the toilets) and said, with an angry voice, "Back there." (Let's just say that wasn't a comforting start to my trip to the loo.)

Marks out of 10:

7. Would've been an 8, but the crappy service and "Back there" comment knocked the rating down a knotch.

Comments to the Management:

You've got a great, clean and comfortable bathroom, and you're food's delicious, but the service needs definite improvement in terms of speed and politeness.


David said...

5 to 6 for me. Quite dated. The food is fantastic here, and the staff and service is great!

Anonymous said...

Some changes have been made since this review. The rude person that was referred to in the article is no longer an employee. And the service is top notch. Deserves a revisit!

Anonymous said...

web site is is correct

Eyal said...

Thanks -- we've updated the website listing in the review. We will re-visit as soon as we are able to.