Sunday 4 February 2007

White Stuff makes the Black Horse

The Black Horse
2 Bedford Street,
Woburn. MK17 9QB
United Kingdom

Where is it?

Men and women go in different directions for this one.

Men – From the front entrance, head straight past the bar. Keep an eye to the left and take the door (not the one that leads to the back of the bar but the one just to the right of it). Head down the corridor and the door is just on the right.

Women – From the front head past the bar in to the restaurant section. Keep on going straight thorough the restaurant. At the end there is an entrance towards the right. Take that and the toilets are on the left.

What’s it like?

Our old favourite in Woburn has changed hands and we ended up here in search of good Fish and Chips. We were not disappointed on that front. The outside of this pub is deceptively shabby. The bar itself is a comfortable mixture of new and old.

My female companions said the floor in their toilets needed a little clean, but otherwise it was good. They really liked the White Stuff cream soap and moisturising hand wash, and I have to say I agree. Good soap can remind you for hours afterwards that the restaurant cared that you enjoyed the whole experience.

The male toilets were definitely shabby chic, although not that light and airy. Two sink basins are located on a distressed cupboard that is quite cool. The ceiling is painted a fairly deep red colour, which doesn’t quite match with the terracotta floor tiles. For some reason this bothered me. Was it the feeling that the ceiling was falling in?

Marks out of 10:

7 – We loved the soap.

Comments to the management:

Overall, a good place to go.

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