Friday 2 February 2007

Ming isn't manky

Ming Bistro
1212 Woodward St
Orlando, FL USA 32803

Where is it?

In a little corrider behind the lobster and fish tanks. (Not sure if they use the same plumbing, though.)

What's it like?

Cute. It's a clean, plane white bathroom, with white tiles, white walls, and white porcelain toilet and sink. To add a little color, there's also a red chair across from the toilet -- upholstered in a traditional Chinese cloth (red, with gold lettering and tassles) -- and a woodblock print of a pagoda or temple. Of course, given that, you must ask -- why the chair?

Marks out of 10:


Comments to the Management:

Great food, good prices, clean bathrooms. Keep up the good work.

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