Thursday 22 February 2007

A Toilet That Leaves You Fillin' Fine

Johnny's Fillin' Station
2631 S Ferncreek
Orlando, FL USA 32806

Where is it?

You have two options here:
  1. From the bar, go towards the pool table room and follow the back wall (hugging it, really) until you reach a small hallway along the far end of the building. The bathrooms are down that hallway -- full-bathrooms, with toilet, urinal and sink.
  2. From the bar go through the dining room and down the passage way between the two flat-screen TVs. The passage way leads to the patio, and the bathrooms (women's full version, men only urinal) are found in that passage way.
What's it like?

This place crosses two popular Florida elements: The Cracker bar and the biker bar, the majority of the clientele fits into both categories. The decor is very homespun, with walls covered in everything from sports banners to rock show posters to odd-ball knickknacks (like paintings that look like they were purchased at a flea market's bargain bin and bicycle handlebars), and the menu features bar food exclusively, like burgers (some of the best in town), wings, and whatnot.

Given that, you expect the toilets to be rather worn down and smelly. However, that's hardly the case. As one of my dining companions expressed after returning from the toilet, "My Lord, they are surprisingly clean!"

Yes, indeed.

The full bath (by the pool tables) offers all the essentials in an environment you feel comfortable in -- wallpapered walls, clean tile floors, shiny sink and commode. Very comfortable and clean-smelling, even if you can hear patrons laughing it up a little too well.

The smaller loo follow suit -- you don't smell even a trace of urine in the men's room (since it's a pee-only location), as you might expect. Bravo. They definitely work had at keeping the place tip-top -- and I'm sure the job isn't easy, considering the type of people who visit regularly.

Marks out of 10:

8. Should be a 7, but the fact that I couldn't smell any urine in the urinal stall really impressed me. Really!

Comments to the Management:

Keep up the good work. For a dive, your toilets are cleaner than many expensive restuarants I've visited. Your cleaning crew definitely deserves a drink on the house.


Anonymous said...

I found the toilet here very relieving indeed. It was the most relaxing dump I've taken at a restaurant in a long time.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't think that a dive burger joint like this place would have a clean relief station, but the Fillin' Station does. I brought my newspaper with me, sat down on the toilet and stayed awhile.