Friday 23 February 2007

Tropical Paradise at Tommmy Bahama

Tommy Bahama Cafe
9101 International Drive
Orlando, FL USA 32819

Where is it?

Harder to find that you might think. From the maitre d' stand, face the restaurant's bar area. Walk straight towards the back wall, keeping the bar on your left, until you enter the small corridor on the back wall, just right of the waitress station on the back wall. The bathrooms are in there.

What's it like?

Very comfortable. The restaurant carries a modern-yet-old-fashioned island decor to it, with lots of ceiling fans, bamboo decor, plantation-styled walls, deep, dark woods and tropical colors. It's like one huge funiture commercial come to life, really.

The toilets extend that decor, offering urinals that stretch to the floor and are divided by the same sort of wooden shutters you'd find on the outside of a Caribbean mansion and stalls that use those same shutters as doors. Very spacious, quiet, clean. The sink has shiny metallic fixtures done in an antique fashion (again, adding to the motif), and the tilework mimics the tropical colors of the dining room. Bonus points for the coconut-scented air freshener their pipe into the place (and, to a lesser degree, into the dining room).

The only misstep was in the urinal separator itself, which was a little loose in its support and flapped a bit as I was peeing. Slightly jarring, even in a tropical sense. The urinal separator isn't a banana leaf, after all!

Marks out of 10:

9. Close, but no cigar, thanks to that flapping separator.

Comments to the Management:

Fix that urinal separator and you're as golden as a tropical ray of light.

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