Sunday 4 February 2007

Crabbie Cracker Bar

Ozzie's Crabhouse
6060 S Us Highway 1,
Grant, FL USA

Where is it?

You have two options here:
  1. The first bathroom is beyond the bar area but right before the kitchen entrance. From the front door, head straight into the bar, past the cashier and merchandising case on the right, through a collection of over-long picnic tables, towards a set of flip doors marking the entrance to the kitchen. Head towards those doors, but just before you get to the kitchen, look up, for a sign reading "Fishing Worms." The corridor for the toilets is to the right of that sign.
  2. The second bathroom is at the far right of the dining room. From the front door, go immediately right (don't enter the bar area), then left at the back wall, immediately right, and then left again (the north east part of the building) -- the corridor for the toilets will be on your right.
What's it like?

Cleaner than expected, given this is a Cracker bar through and through, though its still less-clean than some gas station toilets in the area (not by much, though). White drywall on the walls -- much of it bent and poorly painted (clearly still in recovery mode from 2004's hurricanes, which damaged the place severely.) Water-stained toilets and sinks. Poor water pressure from the faucets (not helpful when trying to wash crab guts from your hands).

Restroom #1 is smaller and in dingier condition for sure, but it offers more privacy, thanks to the stall. Men's room #2 is cleaner and roomier, but is oddly shaped, with an enclave at the front to house the urinal and the toilet and sink in the back of the facilities -- which makes for an odd experience if two people are in there together.

Marks out of 10:

5. Not good, but not as bad as you'd expect from a place where you'll find tables are covered with newspapers instead of table cloths.

Comments to the Management:

Cleaner would be better, but at the same time it's hard to picture a roadside Cracker Bar as being a place where you'll find immaculate bathrooms. Plus, its a place where the eating process is messy as hell -- and with so many crabs getting smashed to pieces here every day, keeping the loos clean seems like a losing battle if there ever was one.

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