Sunday 25 February 2007

What's with the Foot Cream, Nile?

Nile Ethiopian Resturant [sic]
7040 International Drive
Orlando, FL USA 32819

Where is it?

The dining room is separated into two rooms, a main room with a majority of the tables and a center area filled with traditional Ethiopian textiles and woven baskets, and a side area with just tables. You enter in the main room, which as a bar at the back. Head towards the bar, but right before you get to it you'll see a small opening leading to the second room (to your right). Go into the second room, turn left immediately, and go to the rear of the restaurant. The bathrooms will be there.

What's it like?

This a very humble restaurant that's obviously been decorated by the owners. The paint job is patchy in parts, as are the way the decorative archways have been carved in the dining room. Not badly done, mind you, but not professionally done either. Coupled with the fine food and friendly service, the combined effect has you feeling like you're entering someone's home more than a restaurant. The only distracting factor during our visit was the constant barrage of 70s dance tunes that played on the sound system. (According to the owner, the place hopes to do more nightlife entertaining and this is his way of getting started -- though it seems the place is too modest at the moment to accommodate anything more than what it is.)

Given that, the bathrooms prove an extension of the dining room decor. You can tell the walls were painted by the owners, and the tile work was laid down by someone who doesn't do it professionally. Corners aren't edged properly. Tile is a little crooked here and here. But still, the overall experience was comfortable. It's a clean, serviceable toilet through and through.

The only mystery here was a tube of foot cream I found atop the soap dispenser by the sink. What is foot cream doing here? Why was it atop the soap dispenser -- a hands only place if there was one. (This is a restaurant where you don't use utensils -- you eat everything with your hands.) Very perplexing.....

Marks out of 10:

6. Clean and functional, but the presence of foot cream knocks it down a step.

Comments to the Management:

No doubt some touching up is needed -- and you'll need to stay attentive to make certain the toilets don't start sagging in quality as time passes. But more important, please keep your foot cream -- and all other creams -- out of public view. That's just weird!

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