Sunday 14 January 2007

AY! Jalisco or Ay HELL!

AY Jalisco
1814 US Highway 1
Sebastian, FL USA 32958.

Where is it?

Entering from the main car park (south of the restaurant) turn immediately to the right. The rest rooms are at the end on the right.

Entering through the north entrance, go straight to the opposite side and turn left. Follow to the end and they are on the right.

What was it like?

An important stop at the male toilet was spoilt by a pause to find the light switch and the, quite frankly, disgusting state of the toilets. Urine and paper towels do not make good carpeting. Tiles only please!

Marks out of 10:

2 – at least there was soap and hot water.

Comments to the management:

If Macdonalds can do it you should set to it.

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