Sunday 14 January 2007

Rusty's is Clean and Mean (And has Some Great Food)

Rusty's Seafood & Oyster Bar
628 Glen Cheek Drive
Canaveral, FL USA 32920

Where is it?

Entering from main entrance go straight through and follow the bar around to the right. Just past the bar the rest rooms are on the right. Women (gulls) go left. Men (bouys) go straight.

What was it like?

Clean and functional like the rest of the place, the facilities here are not luxurious by any means, but anything more would be out of character with the place. A cool place to eat - with a funky edge added by the industrial, dockside setting. Excellent food.

Marks out of 10:

6 for the rest room
10 for the food.

Comments to the management:

Keep clean and mean.

1 comment:

Eyal said...

Also worth mentioning -- it has that spiffy wash foam for hand soap, and the towel dispenser is of the new push-lever variety. Good show.