Monday 29 January 2007

Keep walking.... it's just a little further.....

Famas Pizza and Pasta
5474 Central Florida Pkwy
Orlando, FL USA 32821

Where is it?

Not behind the saloon doors in the dining room, even though that's where you think the toilet will be. (There's just an office there.) No, you've got to go back into the lobby and deli area, turn right of the cashier counter, go down a hallway adjacent to the kitchen, past ovens, sinks, refrigerators and more until you get to the little restroom area.

The journey actually remind me a little of the scene in Goodfellas, where Robert DeNiro asks Lorraine Braco to go into the alley to look at some stolen dresses, only -- you know -- there weren't any dresses there...... Just a little further.... Pay no attention to the hired goons waiting there to kill you....

What's it like?

There aren't any dresses there either, if that's what you're wondering.

Actually, the restroom isn't much to look at.
Beat up tile. Chipped porceline. Frameless mirror. Shabby walls. Like many mom-and-pop places, it's functional but also a bit run-down. Not exactly comfortable, but certainly not disgusting either.

A funny sidenote: There's a sink outside the restrooms, which seems to exist solely for people who want to wash their hands without actually going into the loo. However, there are no towels available beside the sink, so you still have to go inside to wash your hands. What gives?

Marks out of 10:

6. Serviceable, nothing more.

Comments to the Management:

The place serves great food that's filled with tradition and history. But the bathrooms certainly need some restoration.

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