Wednesday 30 January 2008

St. Raphael Restaurant Provides Room With a View

Restaurant Le Toukan,
2112. Route de la Corniche,
83700 St Raphael, France

Where is it?

From the seaside terrace on the first floor head towards the back of the restaurant. The toilet is smack bang in the middle at the back.

What’s it like?

I guess I’ve said this before, but my friend and I spent a bit of time avoiding the floods last summer. If you didn’t believe me here’s some evidence. Look the end of the village was defiantly under water. See the van in the water. It is wet – people are sailing radio-controlled boats on the water. Accept it, it was WET!

St. Raphael by contrast was hot, sunny and sumptuous. The Mediterranean glistens in a way you can’t describe without being there. This was really the sort of place that makes you decide you’re moving home and never going back. I’m still there – it is only my body sitting here in the UK right now!

And Le Toukan is a fantastic restaurant to have lunch at as well. Meant for the beach crowd, but also the local ladies that lunch, this place has a relaxed feel but just that little bit of swagger to make it a special place to visit. A table looking over the sea where you can spy on the passers by makes this a fantastic place to hang out for lunch.

And the food is great. The salad was fantastic and served on a plate that has to take the prize for humour. The seafood platter, and pineapple and ice cream all hit the mark. Sorry people of Florida you may have the beaches, but I’m not sure you can beat the food, especially at these prices.

And the toilet? What more would you expect in such surroundings than a room with a view, with the smell of lavender wafting through the window. This is really the most relaxing place to pee. And the fixtures are clean and modern, cool – in fact the perfect place to spend a couple of minutes away from the heat. Indeed, this is the most serene pt stop I’ve ever had. So, the fixtures are nothing special, but hey, you’ll be so relaxed you’ll not care!

Especially if you're avoiding flooding.

Did I say it was flooded back home?

Marks out of 10:

9. Pretty damned good.

Comments to the management:

You can’t buy the view, but the lavender and cool context makes this a great place to pit.

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