Tuesday 5 August 2008

Islands of Adventure: Second Super Hero Island Toilets Suck

Islands of Adventure Theme Park
Super Hero Island Toilet 2
Universal Orlando Resort
1000 Universal Studios Plaza
Orlando, FL USA

Where is it?

From the Hulk Coaster, head further into Super Hero Island, towards the Spiderman ride, also one of the park's biggest draws (and one of the best rides I've ever been on -- just outstanding fun!).

Pass Spiderman and keep on going down that main path. You'll see a "Frozen Ice" stand on your right -- the letters drawn out in a comic-book-inspired font that will make you think this is the most extreme frozen ice stand in the world (and perhaps it is, though I didn't stop there on my way to the loo).

Across the street from that stand is the restrooms, marked by the word "RESTROOMS" in large comic-book lettering (the same way as you see them by the Cafe 4/Hulk Coaster toilets).

What's it like?

The Cafe 4/Hulk Coaster toilets I experienced were in a very crowded area filled with kids and adults, and they ended up being clean and nice. Not outstanding, but nice.

These facilities were surrounded by just as many people but the experience was opposite. There was a sharp smell of urine in here. The floor was covered in spilled water, paper and other substances. The toilet seats I spotted were dotted with pee. I am wondering if those little target stickers at the Cafe 4/Hulk Coaster toilets actually helped people aim, because these toilets were filled with the aftereffects of many marksmen who missed their marks. Ick.

Which is sad, because this place is a little roomier and friendlier in design than the Cafe 4/Hulk Coaster toilets. Though the differences are not great. There is still a row of urinals against the back wall and a stretch of toilet commodes opposite it. A set of sink stations sits ups front. The rest of the bathroom kind of unfolds behind the sinks.

The tile pattern on the wall is warmer here -- like the Cafe 4/Hulk Coaster toilets the walls and floor have a gray tile pattern and bland gray floor tiles, but the walls are also dotted with colorful blue, red and yellow highlights, which are more pleasant than the Cafe 4/Hulk Coaster toilets use of straight gray.

Still, despite those advantages, I could not look past the messiness of the place, nor its urine-based stink. As with the Cafe 4/Hulk Coaster toilets, I understand there will be some messiness involved. After all, this place is visited by thousands of people each week. But the traffic around these toilets and the Cafe 4/Hulk Coaster toilets was about the same (at least, from what I could see) and I was surprised by how much cleaner the Cafe 4/Hulk Coaster toilets were over these.

Not the worst toilets I experienced while at Islands of Adventure (those are the Toon Lagoon facilities -- review coming soon), but these were definitely in the lower echelon. Avoid if possible and walk the extra 10 minutes to the Jurassic Park toilets if you're in dire need.

Marks out of 10:

4. A nice mass-market design marred by a lack of upkeep.

Comments to the Management:

Simply put: You need to schedule your cleaners to visit this place more often. These toilets should be much cleaner than the Cafe 4/Hulk Coaster toilets (in case I haven't used that term enough in this review). They are more removed from the main action and not set next to a sit-down dining establishment. I'm thinking that because of their location, they are not cleaned as regularly -- that's a shame. These are good toilets that deserve better.

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