Thursday 21 August 2008

Relaxing Style at Adelaide

Adelaide Airport
Sir Richard Williams Avenue
South Australia 5950

Where is it?

Go through check in – bearing in mind the Jet air reps are really harsh and are the only airline in the world that have ever got away with giving me a weight surcharge on my luggage – and security. Make your way to gate 25. At the back in the corner you’ll find the toilets.

What’s it like?

Once inside the terminal reminds me of Aspen airport. I guess it must be the view of the mount lofty range and the brown in the d├ęcor because Adelaide is more than ten times bigger than Aspen with proper jet ways and everything. It also felt like a relaxed and friendly place to be.

Entering the toilets I was surprised by the style. Whilst in keeping with the rest of the airport it was ultra modern with regimented square sinks floating from the wall, sleek stainless steel towel dispenser, and ultra modern urinals. It was all beyond what you’d expect in what might be described as a provincial city airport.

Indeed these facilities confirmed what I already knew, that whilst Adelaide atruggles to create a great impression overall, it is capable of remarkable style in the most surprising places.

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Comments to the management:

A great set of airport toilets.

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