Friday 15 August 2008

From Spices to Scooby Scam at Sir Stamford’s

Fort Canning Centre
Fort Canning Park

Where is it?

Well this is the whole point of this blog.

Finding these toilets turned into a 25 minute trek around the park. The location of the toilets was a mystery of Scooby Gang proportions. I kid you not, more than a little desperation was creeping in towards the end. Where were these damned toilets?

The mystery started in the spice garden, a replica of the one that was on this site when Sir Stamford Raffles, who founded Singapore for the British East India Company, had his bungalow before the site was militarised. In the distance I saw a sign for some toilets and feeling the need set of through the jungle to find them. After struggling through the undergrowth, avoiding some shady looking children with clipboards, I found some steps to climb. Eerily quiet I watched out for tigers – you never know – as I climbed towards the first sign. They said go right so I did. Taking in the view over the city from the veranda I ploughed on guessing they’d be just up the way.

But as I got to the end of the veranda and to the edge of the site there were still no toilets. Who stole the toilets? Backtracking the centre of the veranda I decided to pop my head in to what is ostensibly a cookery school to see the smallest of sign for the toilets up a stairway that really looked like it headed to nowhere. Abandoning any caution I followed the arrow upwards.

Once up there was an even better view of the city, but that didn’t matter. WHERE are the toilets. I really started to worry when I saw the sign for the Archaeological Lab. Do people really take that long to find the toilets? Really! By this point I was almost giving up and looking for the nearest plant pot.

Rounding the corner it seemed that there was a dead end. I went down there anyway (maybe there would be that flower pot?) but then the toilet door revealed itself. At last. Phew.

What’s it like?

After a trek of that length you’ll probably be too busy doing your thing to notice the surroundings. Once you have time to look you’ll find the facilities to be fairly comfortable although pretty damned hot. The fan doesn’t make much difference when you have humidity like this. The sinks are robust but stylish for a park. The toilet pan could have been cleaner, but that was the only blip in an otherwise spotless site.

Marks out of 10:

7. Releaving!

Comments to the management:
Scooby signage could be more helpful, as might aircon.

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