Sunday 29 April 2007

King Invests in Mirror Maze

The Kings Arms Hotel and Restaurant,
19 Market Street,
OX20 1SU
United Kingdom

Where is it?

Head straight from the front door towards the restaurant (not into the bar). The ladies is on the left. Men carry on and left just before the door to the restaurant and the door is there (under the stairs).

What’s it like?

This restaurant is the second most stylish in Woodstock. The bar is a mix of cool and traditional with great leather winged chairs. The food in the restaurant is consistently good and great value even though its not the cheapest around. It is also a good place to go to have a meeting as it’s quiet and spacious enough to get on with things without being disturbed.

Considering the toilets are under the stairs they are very spacious. In fact they have the feel of real luxury. Well thought out design, high quality fittings (the sink is obvious but look at the urinals – virtually space age) and the whole place has a sparkly clean feel. This is helped by great lighting and mirrors that reflect the light.

Still I did find myself feeling a little off balance. From certain points you feel an urge to fall forward. This is because the very mirrors that help make the toilet sparkly and bright are placed all around. What results is a maze effect. Indeed, if I had had more time I might just have tried to see where it went. This is after all a historic town. Did the King invest in a magic mirror maze to allow a speedy route from Blenheim Palace to his favourite watering hole? Could I suddenly find my way into the living quarters of the Churchill’s?

Now that just be a lesson to you about where too much beer can lead your mind!

Marks out of 10:

8 for style and cool mirror effects.

Comments to the management:

Toilets fit for a King.

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