Tuesday 24 April 2007

Yeehaw! Cowboy Commodes these are not!

Shepler's Western Outfitters
5232 International Drive
Orlando, FL USA 32819


Where Is It?

There are a-plenty of distractions in this store, pardner, so don' be lettin' your eyes go astray when you're a-headin' for the latrine. From the main entrance, and facin' the back wall, take the path that heads along the right side of the store. Go past the cashiers (marked "Teller" here and set behind bars, just like in those old banks we used ta have) until you reach a side marked "Restrooms." Enter the hallway below that to seek relief.

What's it like?

As mentioned earlier, the store is filled with sights to see, from rows and rows of boots to racks of cowboy shirts to shelves of knickknacks to displays of hats, among others, and the decor does its a fine job evoking the sense of a western frontier town (albeit a tacky one).

Having said that, the bathrooms show none of this flare. They are plane, white-tiled, boring unisex rooms, and the only Western flare found in them was a couple of photos of old cowboy goofballs stuck on the walls (Gabby Hayes-inspired stuff, if you will). Pretty disappointing, considering the way the store is laid out.

Still, having said that, the restrooms are also very clean and very quiet and they certainly make for a better resting spot (for those of you in need of a longer visit) than some of the other places in the mall, like Fuddruckers, which offer little privacy or seclusion.

Marks out of 10:

6. Very functional, sure, but lacking inspiration.

Comments to the Management:

Need to Westernize the bathrooms more.

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