Sunday 1 April 2007

Sam's Shows Faucet's Future, Soap's Present

Sam's Club

Where is it?

About 50 feet to the left of the snack bar, but just before the cigarette department.

What's it like?

Teutonic and clean, as expected from this faceless warehouse club. Though having said that, this location does try to step up the innovation level -- namely in the sink here, which look more like a long-plastic piss trough than a sink. (see picture)

Step up to the sink, place your hand in front of the sensor there, and a triple-jet of water spurts out at you and then runs down a long drain towards a centrally located drain. Pretty neat, in a cold if I do say so myself, and with warm water -- unlike other locations.

Having said that, though, the water pressure could be stronger, and I found it very odd that the soap dispenser turned out to be just a standard pump bottle of soft soap you can buy at any supermarket (or at any Sam's, in bulk quantity, of course), sitting on the counter. I guess you can't have everything.

Marks out of 10:

7. The sinks almost made it an 8, save for that bottle of hand soap.

Comments to the Management:

Don't stop there! We want more automatic features! NOW! I suggest starting with an automatic soap dispenser.

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