Tuesday 24 April 2007

New England-Style Tavern Offers Much Amusng Beer-Related Fun

Celebration Town Tavern
721 Front Street
Celebration, FL USA 34747


Where Is It?

From the main entrance, head down the entrance corridor and then turn left, past the metallic sheen of the open kitchen and prep station and down along the dark wood bar and the plasma TVs hanging on the walls, to a little hallways in the back corner marked "Restrooms."

What's It Like?

Fans of the show "Cheers" will like this New England-sports-inspired establishment, which mixes the friendly Irish-bar wood and brass fixtures made famous on that TV-created drinking establishment with a slew of sports-themed wall decorations, like signed jerseys by Patriot's QB Tom Brady's and PK Adam Vinateri (though a real New England fan would have taken the latter down since Vinateri chose not to re-sign with the Pats this past year), nostalgic photos of the Red Sox and Celtics glory days (Ted Williams, Carl Y, and the rest), and tons of amusing signs tailored towards the beer-drinking advocate. No mention of the Bruins' Bobby Orr or Ray Borque from what I could see.....

The food is decidedly New England-based as well (though much more expensive), with a menu filled with items like steamed lobsters and clams (flown in fresh from New England, of course), fried seafood platters, lobster rolls and the rest. Also, the place has about 30 microbews on tap (none from New England, ironically enough), with Sam Adams varieties taking up a majority of the selections.

The bathrooms extend the dining room's decor, offering a cozy yet chic environment filled with dark woods, bright tiles, solid green walls, marble counters and plenty of wall-mounted beer-related memoribilia. (My favorite was a sign showing the Periodic Chart of Beer Styles positioned over the urinals.)

They were clean but also a bit unkept -- I was there for a mid-afternoon lunch and already the floor was starting to fill with bits of torn paper and spilt water. It wasn't so bad that you could go, of course, but it was noticeable. (And really, you could easily ignore the less-clean apsects of the bathroom by focusing more on the novelty signs. Did you know element 43 on the table is "Dubbel?")

Marks out of 10:

7. Needs just a little more work keeping the place clean throughout the day.

Comments to the Management:

Did you know element 10 on the table is "Pale Ale?"

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