Sunday 15 April 2007

Daffodil Dungeon?

The Daffodil
18-20 Suffolk Parade

GL50 2AE
United Kingdom

Where is it?

When you arrive at the restaurant you will enter what was the ticketing area for this ex cinema. Take in the smell of the lilies as you head past the reception desk. Then head left and through the doors that have the toilets clearly signed. Once through the doors follow around to the right and downwards. The male toilets are on the right.

What’s it like?

These toilets would have been under the seating in the cinema, so it should not be any surprise that it all feels rather subterranean. Still they are ultra clean and some effort has been taken to remove the cold edge with a table with tissues and other conveniences on it. What’s more they have managed to keep the original 1920’s fixtures in here. This means it is like taking a step back into history. Not the most comfy place to pee, but extremely cool nevertheless.

This is another place that has good smells. I’ve already mentioned the smell of the lilies in the lobby. This adds an inviting touch that makes you want to go back again and again, something the proprietors have not missed with the hand soap either. I was in a rush so didn’t notice until I was back at the table, but hell it smelt good.

Another thing to mention about this place is that it isn’t too expensive and is one of the coolest restaurants in town. The food is thoughtful but isn’t messed with too much. If you’re in Cheltenham I’d recommend a visit.

Marks out of 10:

For cleanliness and authenticity a 9.

Comments to the management:

The timewarp wins you this score!

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