Tuesday 10 April 2007

Does Medicine Cabinet Reveal Country Ham n Eggs' Smelly Secret?

Country Ham N Eggs Restaurant
709 US Highway 1
Sebastian, FL USA 32958

Where is it?

From the entrance, turn right and head to the back corner of the dining room. The bathrooms are there. Of course, this is a small place, so don't expect to go very far -- the entrance to the men's room is only a few feet from a table (clearly for the establishment's less-desirable clientele).

What's it like?

This restaurant's name pretty much gives you a clue as to what the toilet will be like. This is a humble towny diner serving decent breakfasts at reasonable prices. Good country ham too, in case you're wondering.

The interior reminded me a lot of the inside of a mobile, with white faux-wood fiberboard walls and Formica tables and a bit coffee station in the middle. The bathrooms extend that decor -- clean and homey, but also a bit on the trailer-park side (no doubt the desired effect, I'm thinking). That same fiberboard covers the walls here, given a cozy, insulated feel to the room. The toilet, sink and linoleum floor tiles are clean but well-worn.

The only odd part is a cheap-looking wooden medicine cabinet hanging above the sink. While it certainly extends a sense of hominess here, it also draws too much interest. As most people do in a person's home bathroom, I peered inside the cabinet on my visit here and -- to my surprise -- found two cans of air freshener.

Two cans!

Isn't one enough? Are the smells produced here so bad that the first can needs reinforcement? Or do the odors here spread so quickly that two cans are needed to diffuse the stink before they reach the dining room tables beyond the door?

Of course, I didn't smell anything while I was here, but then perhaps the sprays were already in effect before I entered. Very strange.

Marks out of 10:

6. Cozy, comfy country feelings through and through. Though still a little bit too "country" for me.

Comments to the Management:

Lock the medicine cabinet. I'd rather NOT know what's inside.

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