Wednesday 6 February 2008

Sleuth's Main Lobby Toilets Definitely a Step Up from Theater Facilities

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show
8267 International Drive
Orlando, FL USA 32819

Where is it?

These toilets are located in the gift shop area of this dinner theater attraction. To get to them, enter the gift shop/bar area and mosey your way to the back of the place. Follow the bar, keeping it on your left, until you see a hallway in the back baring signs for the bathrooms.

Note: You'll find many silly gifts and gag items along the way. Try not to get distracted, especially if you're in dire need to go. Otherwise, the joke will be on you (get it?).

What's it like?

Unlike the toilets in the actual dinner theaters here, which are small and often water-soaked (especially by the end of a performance), these facilities are spacious, clean and comfortable -- and they proved reminiscent of the facilities I experienced at the Big Boy diner in Altamonte Springs, albeit this one has black tile highlights and that one has red. Go figure.

Visitors here can expect to find white tile on the floor and walls (the latter features those black highlights), a black marble counter top with metallic sink and glossy mirrored vanity, white urinals and toilets and black stalls. Not bad at all -- and as I said, a complete 180-degree turn from what you'll find inside the actual dinner theater toilets, which (as I said already) aren't all that nice to begin with. (You'd expect the opposite, since the dinner theater units get more traffic, but that isn't the case.) And though the environment is a bit sterile and cold, it's still a welcome change from what you'll find in those theater rooms. Ick.

Best still: My visit occurred after the show, so it was private, clean and comfortable (it was nearly midnight, so I imagine the cleaning crew had already made a pass). Only my friend Kip McGuire, who attended the show with me (along with some of our other friends -- it was a mutual friend's birthday party) barged in while I was there -- which ultimately made for an amusing, somewhat foul-mouthed photo opp. Ha ha ha!

Marks out of 10:

8. Should be a 7, but it was such a refreshing and welcome change of pace from the toilets in the dining room theater that I had to increase the score a little.

Comments to the Management:

Thank you for allowing me to step into a clean bathroom after such a dreary show and meal...... It was the best part of the evening, actually.

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