Thursday 28 February 2008

Carlsberg Akademi: Probably the Best Toilets in The World?

Carlsberg Akademi
Gamle Carlsberg Vej 15,
2500 Valby

Where is it?

Starting from the front entrance, follow through the hall and then head right. Follow the corridor taking the opportunity to glance in the library as you pass. Keep going into the summer house, maybe stopping off at the bar as you pass, again heading right into the main hall. Across to your left you’ll see the signs for the toilets.

What’s it like?

Carlsberg has some cool adverts in the UK. My favourite is the club with polite bouncers, loads of taxis, and service you and I will never have. Carlsberg don’t do clubs, but if they did they would probably be the best clubs in the world. But do their toilets come up to scratch.

The venue for this event was the Carlsberg Akademi near the centre of Copenhagen. The Akademi is part of a Carlsberg family bequest and used to be the owners’ family home. Knowing this place is next to the factory you might think it isn’t going to be up to much. You’d be wrong. It’s a small, but wonderfully proportioned stately home. Add the fact that functions here attract unlimited beer and you have to say it’s a fantastic venue. Probably the best bar in the world! But what about the toilets?

Hey. The verdict has to be that it is not that bad. It’s not got the flash of some toilets we visit, but for a turn 19th century toilet it’s comfy enough. It also has some classical features galore. The first thing you’ll notice even before you get there is the quaint little people painted on the wall. Is it just me, but they seem like the sort of people you could have a nice chat to on the way past. Friendly toilets signs are unusual things indeed. Then you’ll notice the solidity of the place. Brass fittings, a solid door, stylish and solid toilet and sink; all of them add to your certainly that someone in the past invested well.

Then you notice there are already residents. Rather pale ones, maybe because of the slight chill, but the classic friezes on the wall certainly add a talking point. Even though they don’t exactly look your way when you’re doing your stuff, it could be all a little unnerving if you had partaken in a little too much of the local product.

Marks out of 10:

9. Classic oddities that will amuse in a fantastic setting!

Comments to the management:

Some classic touches that will provide a talking point!

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