Friday 22 February 2008

Bathroom at Mansion on Forsyth Park May Equal Elegance of Wynn Las Vegas' Facilities

Mansion on Forsyth Park
700 Drayton St.
Savannah, GA USA 31401

Where is it?

Enter the hotel through the main entrance at the back of the valet roundabout. Pass the reception desk and head left, down an elegant art-filled hallway, past a swanky bar on the left and into a central atrium on your right, which contains -- of course -- more art. (The hotel is literally overflowing with it.) At the rear of the atrium (facing opposite Drayton Street), you'll see two large wooden doors leading to a banquet hall. Head towards them and then turn left or right -- the women's room will be down the hallway to the left, the men's to the right.

What's it like?

In 2007, we named the Wynn Las Vegas bathrooms beside the store Mojito's as our top toilet experience of 2007. It was a regal, marble-filled environment filled with amazing architectural frills, top-notch cleanliness and peaceful feelings. These facilities seem match those qualities at every turn, only in a unique manner.

This public restroom, in the equally elegant Mansion on Forsyth Park, at the southernmost end of Savannah's historic district, rivals the sophistication and stylishness of that bathroom, making it an early front runner for the best of 2008. It's a flat out amazing toilet experience -- not to be missed. In fact, if you're visiting Savannah, make a point to visit these toilets after eating at Lady and Sons -- you'll thank me later.

Visitors here enter through a plain wooden door -- an unassuming beginning to the experience. You think you're about to enter a simple modest toilet when you approach the door -- but that notion gets turned on its head once you pass through. Stepping inside, you find yourself surrounded by dark woods, glimmering marble tile and thick walls. Some beautiful artwork lines the walls as well, some of it modern, some of it more tradition, some of it surprisingly haunting -- which is not something you always expect to find in a public toilet.

Solid marble covers the floors and forms the vanity counter -- both elements identical in style. The vanity itself features three well-spaced sinks, each with automatic faucets and ornate soap pumps. The soap dispensed here is glorious and silky -- some of the best I've ever tried in a public toilet -- and the towels found here -- real towels, not imitations -- are plush, thick, thirsty and fresh-smelling.

The urinals are angular in design and come divided with thick privacy barriers -- clearly, you get your own space here. Even better are the toilet stalls, which essentially are their own room. Just close the door and you've got perfect privacy, no matter how busy it is in the main area. Private speakers in each stall pump soft house music into the stall, enhancing the sense of privacy all the more.

Marks out of 10:

12. Amazing at every possible level. Kudos.

Comments to the Management:

As I said with the Wynn, I would like to move here. Perhaps the Wynn can be my summer home and this one my winter chalet?

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Anonymous said...

It's a bit creepy to use the toilet and have a portrait watch you doing your thing