Monday 4 February 2008

Bathrooms at Macy's Mall of Millenia Location Could Use Some Soul

Macy's The Mall at Millenia
4298 Millenia Blvd.
Orlando, FL USA 32839

Where is it?

Head to the second floor of the department store and then mosey towards the mall entrance found there. Once you're near the entrance, look for the signs above you, directing you to the various store departments. Use those signs to find the toilets, or look for the hallway leading to them a few merchandise sections to the left of that mall entrance (when facing into the mall, that is).

What's it like?

Being that this is the Mall of Millenia, Orlando's swankiest mall at the moment, I expected great things (and yes, I know that's Kohl's slogan, but still....) from these toilets. After all, the food quart toilets provided one of the most luxurious toilet experiences of my life (and the Pottery Barn Kids store facilities here provided me with one of my most shameful). And since Macy's is one of the swankiest department stores around, I assumed these toilets would achieve similar quality in terms of experience.

That wasn't the case. Not that these were bad -- they weren't, they were actually very nice, but they weren't mind-blowingly impressive, like those food quart toilets. The facilities here are large, accommodating about 15 people at a time. But there's nothing flashy or impressive about the offerings, which I found somewhat disappointing and soulless.

White tile covers the floor and walls. Beige stalls separate the urinals and commodes, which are just your standard white varieties. There are two sink/vanity areas here, one for standard hand washing and one with a baby-changing station built into the counter top. Each has a blue counter top that is so out of place color-wise (everything else is drab beige or white) that you feel a little afraid of it.

Cleanliness wise, it's decent and well-kept, though the tile and utilities are starting to show a little wear and tear. Also, the lighting is a bit too reliant on fluorescent bulbs, making the environment at times seem a bit too much like a prison cell and sterile. Also, because of the tiled walls, sounds echo tremendously here, which can be embarrassing for anyone wishing to make a longer visit in peace.

Like those food quart toilets, it houses a small sitting area outside the bathrooms. Unfortunatley, this one doesn't have plush couches or stylish upholstery. Instead, you'll find a drab, well-worn vinyl covered easy chair that looks like it's been sitting there since the late 1970s.

Marks out of 10:

7. Perfectly serviceable, but don't expect much else from it.
Marks out of 10:

Some nifty, tech-infused add-ons might be good to include, as would some decoration -- anything, really to give the place a sense of soul -- and a comfortable waiting area chair that looks like it was made in this century.

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