Friday 29 February 2008

Old Mining Shack Gets Style at LuLu Wilson

Lu Lu Wilson,
316 E. Hopkins Ave.,
Aspen, CO USA 81611

Where is it?

From the front door head towards the bar, and head towards the back. Pass the bar (making sure you stop before the kitchens) and on the left you’ll find the door to the toilet.

What’s it like?

Lulu Wilson’s is set in an old mining cabin built in 1893 that was later the home of a woman named of that name. A strikingly large chandelier dominates the place, but mirrors and, well-placed antique lighting fixtures and stark white walls soon distract you from it. This place gives you as much a feeling of history as anywhere in the US.

The food is pretty damned good as well. A quick stop for a main course, soon turned into a leisurely three courses with wine and tea. And the starter and main were pretty damned fantastic. I’d have to say the apple crumble wasn’t up to much. I certainly could have done a better job – and lets face it that is the basis we all use to decide the quality of a dessert – even if it was the chef’s grandmother’s recipe.

The antique feel is continued in the toilet. A great mirror and the towel holder are fantastic. This gives some interest. Otherwise these are perfectly comfortable toilets. Nothing stunning, for example the tile is pretty dull. But they are claen and fit the the rest of the restaurant totally.

Marks out of 10:

8. Slightly dark, but quality with it.

Comments to the management:

Why change what is perfectly good?

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