Thursday 18 October 2007

Big Boy Offers A Clean but Sterile Throwback to the Past

Big Boy Restaurant
795 Gateway Drive
Altamonte Springs, FL USA 32714

Where is it?

From the entrance, head straight to the merchandise counter and turn immediately left, around the cashier and into the back left corner of the restaurant. You'll find the bathrooms there.

What's it like?

This chain offers a throwback to the classic diners of the 1950s, where unpretentious greasy spoon food was served by overly friendly waitresses in a comfortable yet slightly tacky setting. The dining room is spotless and filled with bright yellows, reds and whites. The service is spectacularly attentive and friendly (upon sitting down, the first thing our waitress said was, "Hello, friends, can I get you a root beer or milkshake?" to which we responded, "Hell, yeah!"). And the food is decent, well-prepared and comforting. A solid diner through and through -- and with some great French fries to boot!

The bathrooms follow suit, offering a clean environment that's both comfortable and cozy, yet a touch on the sterile side. Black linoleum covers the floor, and the walls are coated in bright white tiles with occasional red tile highlights to break the monotony. The sink and toilets, both made of gleaming white porcelain, are spotless.

The only fault I found is, like I said, that the place feels a bit too sterile. Adding some kitschy wall decor or other bits of personality would alleviate this issue and make the loo just as relaxing as the rest of the place.

Marks out of 10:

7. A very good bathroom that could reach a level of minor greatness if it loosened up a bit more.

Comments to the Management:

People like clean but they don't like robotic clean. As mentioned earlier, consider adding some throwback items to the walls or including similar items around the place to lighten the mood a little. This is a very good bathroom that could reach a level of minor greatness if it had a little more fun with the setting.

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