Tuesday 23 October 2007

Bathroom Decor Indicates Small Town Diner Doubles as Harley Davidson Hangout

Town House Restaurant
9 E Broadway St
Oviedo, FL USA 32765

Where is it?

The dining room here is shaped like an "L." So from the main entrance, head to the cashier (the counter is fixed into the apex of the "L") and then go left until you hit the back wall. A small door leading to the bathrooms (which are located in a small hallway behind that door) can be found there.

What's it like?

This is one of the better diners in the Orlando area, thanks to its no nonsense menu, great service, unpretentious decor and many regular customers -- all of which makes you feel like you're always welcome here. The restaurant itself is set in the dead center of Orlando suburb Oviedo, the the awkward crisscross of the streets outside often make for a few parking complications (especially on weekends, when the church goers of the area bombard the place after services finish). Still, it's worth suffering some road rage for this place. The decor is filled with community-based items like kids' drawings and softball team pictures (they sponsor a team, of course) and the menu offers plenty of well-prepared and affordable comfort foods, as well as an assortment of decent Greek items (thanks to the Greek family that now owns it).

Given that, you'd expect the bathrooms to be modest little spots that exude the same cozy, comfortable feelings as those expressed in the dining room.

But no!

The bathrooms (at least the men's room) are decked out in Harley Davidson colors -- and not in a subtle way. Matted orange paint covers the walls. Light gray tile covers the floors. Weathered white tile covers the lower walls and the areas around the white porcelain sink and urinal. There's even a huge Harley emblem on one wall!

Clearly this homey restaurant has a darker side to it. And maybe it's wholesome church-going clientele isn't as innocent as it seems...... Or maybe the owners of nearby Bill's Elbow South (once a neighbor of the Town House before it moved to the Oviedo Market Place) helped them design the loos here?


Anyway, it's clean and orderly for the most part, save for a bit of unique tile work (see picture to right). The urinals are of the old variety, which stretch to the floor (instead of being mini-toilets). The sink and stalls, as well as the tile work, are a bit weathered, and the bathroom itself is a touch on the narrow side (almost like they tried to revamp it some and settled on painting it instead), which could make it a tight fit if more than one person were waiting for the urinal at a given moment.

Marks out of 10:

7. While the Harley decor has its appeal and interesting notes, the place could still use a bit of a makeover. So it's just barely a 7.

Comments to the Management:

Perhaps it's time to get new fixtures and tile, just to go along with the new paint job. May I suggest black sinks?

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