Sunday 14 October 2007

Publix: Where Peeing’s A Pleasure?

Publix Supermarket,
Cornerstone at Lake Hart,
10615 Narcoossee Rd,
FL. 32832,

Where is it?

Head to the left when you get in there and the signs are clear. Really it is easy.

What’s it like?

OK what have I said about supermarket toilets before? You don’t use them unless you really have to. That means I’d assume that most people don’t use them. Really, they should be deserted. So why was this place like the queue for a rush hour train. I really cannot imagine what had been put in the water around here to make this weekend stop off such a busy one. Maybe it was the average age of the customers.

OK, so admittedly rather on the grumpy side, I manage to force my way in to the toilets. Being Publix, and I must profess I am a fan of Publix on the whole, you’d expect something a little different. Not overdone, but clean and functional. It’s a pity then that the wear and tear the slightly aged clientele had been putting on the place had made it more than a little messy.

But I have to say we can’t just blame those who still cling to the ‘virtues’ of Cadillac and Oldsmobile for the state of the toilets in this place. For a fairly new store it was disappointingly grimy. You can just about see on the pictures how the grout hasn’t been touched since day one and has aged to a nicotine yellow. Yuk.
So was this a relieving oasis that I needed it to be. No. Next time I’ll wait just the little longer.

Marks out of 10:

5 and no more.

Comments to the management:

Maybe free eyesight tests to the clientele are in order before you let them use the toilets? Then again someone who wanted to clean the place might not go amiss either.

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Eyal said...

What I find most disappointing about this one is the lack of a front door to the bathrooms themselves.

The entrance is just an opening to the hallway leading in, and since it's next to the bagging area and the cashiers, the amount of traffic around the area -- which echoes throughout the place -- is incredible. Makes you feel like you're peeing in the middle of a bustling train station.