Monday 2 June 2008

Delta Crown Room Toilets at JFK Certainly a Regal Affair

Delta Crown Room
John F Kennedy International Airport
Terminal 2
New York, NY USA

Where is it?

Unfortunately, because of modern security protocol, you'll need a ticket to get into the terminal itself. After that, you'll need a first class or business class Delta ticket to get into the Crown Room. (Though, I imagine with a properly pleaded "state of emergency" greeting, you may be able to pass through as well. The people here were very friendly and looked like they would by sympathetic towards someone in this situation.)

Once inside, head towards the bar. With it to your back, head towards the back left corner of the area. As you walk, you'll see various hallways open up to your right. One houses an assortment of computer cubicles, another leads to a set of elevators, and a third leads towards the toilets.

What's it like?

The Crown Room is the first class and business class lounge for international flights departing JFK. It's a large area, with several sitting areas, TVs, an open bar, a buffet and some excellent customer service. A very relaxing place to spend some time before heading on a long flight to the other side of the world.

While the decor is decidedly airport-influenced (cheesy carpet, pictures of airplanes, etc.), and the food is just a little above standard airport food court quality, there is a level of exclusivity present here that's undeniable. This is a terminal that's still being put together, and this place seems like it's been an institution in it for a while. For that I commend it.

The toilets are appropriately regal. Vast, spacious, impeccably clean. The floors are covered with beige and black tile, set in a fanciful art deco pattern. The stretching vanity is black marble. The walls are covered with beige tile and bright, matted green drywall, though there is no decor hanging on them. Three stalls, separated by black metal walls that nearly touch the floor (for top-notch privacy) and three urinals, divided by similar-looking black dividers. Sinks and toilets are standard white porcelain but are elegantly presented enough, thanks to the black barriers.

The vanity is the highlight here: Well-lighted, mammoth and very luxurious-looking. The user gets top-quality hand soap (I forget the brand, I'm afraid), high-quality, plush paper towels (grabbed from a basket as if they were actual cloth towels) and can select from an assortment of colognes, lotions and perfumes after washing his/her hands. Very classy.

Fault-wise: The sinks faucets are those old push-the button-to-keep-the-water-flowing type -- no doubt a means to control water use. However, I went here twice while in the airport and found an attendant in it each time, so I don't see the need to have to control water flow so carefully, since the attendant can easily shut off faucets that have been left on, if need be. As a result, it's a bit dated and too old-fashioned for such a ritzy place to use such a mechanism, what with the elaborate, modern decor and all.

Also, the spaciousness creates sharp, often piercing echoes in the place, which can make bodily functions seem a little bit more impressive than they actually are -- certainly not a problem if you're alone, but certainly embarrassing if you're in the stall and sharing the environment with only one or two other people.

Marks out of 10:

9. Nearly perfect.

Comments to the Management:

Trade out those tired old faucets for newer ones. If you're worried about water control, put in sensor-controlled faucets -- anything but these dated units.

Also, to reduce echo, put up some Plexiglass framed pictures on the wall. They will absorb some of the sound reverberation.

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