Friday 16 May 2008

Nothing "Krust"-y About Toilets at This Jamaican Eatery

Golden Krust Bakery
7613 S Orange Blossom Trl
Orlando, FL USA

Where is it?

This is a small but airy place, so finding the toilet's isn't hard. After entering, you'll see the order counter on your left and a small enclave on the right. Enter the enclave and you'll come to a door, which leads to the bathroom -- a one-bagger that caters to both sexes.

What's it like?

This homey chain has a spacious, tranquil feel to it and is very, very clean for an area of town that's better known for its grungier elements (to put it politely). The decor here is decidedly Caribbean (as expected, reggae plays softly on the speak system), with beach-view murals covering the walls and tropical colors coming at you from all angles.

Design-wise, it follows a common bakery set up, with an order counter with colorful menu hanging overhead, glass case holding various baked goods, and a small kitchen behind that, where Jamaican specialties are prepared freshly for you upon ordering. It's a very clean place, as mentioned earlier: The counters are shiny and the kitchen looks immaculate.

The food is decent. Not the best Jamaican in town but still good enough to try if you're in the neighborhood and craving it. Both the jerk chicken and curried goat feature a massive portions of meat coupled with rice and peas and steamed vegetables; it's meaty and substantial but it also lacks that bit of character that would make it truly memorable. The Jamaican patties are also tasty, crumbly and affordable, though the meat inside tends to have a bit of an over-processed feel to it; still, at about a dollar a piece, they're cheaper than the frozen ones you'd get in the store -- and much more flavorful.

The bathrooms, like the rest of the place, are very clean, and for a one-bagger they surprisingly roomy -- some of the roomiest I've ever experienced. This space could easily have been split in two so that both sexes got their own one-bagger, that's how roomy it is. After stepping in, you need to walk almost 10 feet before reaching the toilet. Ironically, because the restroom's stainless steel trashcan sits at the other side of the place, by the entrance, it makes the walk to throw away your paper towel long.

Still, it's clean, and it's also very plain in terms of decor. A black linoleum floor, white porcelain sink and toilet, unframed mirror over the sink, off-white drywall walls. However it's so large and clean that it feels oasis-like when you're inside. Credit the store's designers for selecting a choice location for this restroom, because had it been anywhere else or slightly smaller or a little different, it would not be as enjoyable as it was.

Fault-wise, I found only one issue: The use of Sanis soap, which I find flimsy and poor in quality. It just sort of sprays the soap in a fine mist on your hands, which you can't really swish around and get a good lather with, no matter how much you put on. The fun Hurricane Grill and Wings bathroom has the same issue with soap.

Also worth noting is the wording painted above the enclave leading to the bathroom. It reads: "Taste the Rhythm of Jamaica." While I understand that this is a harmless sentiment that is mainly meant to extend the tropical feel of the dining room, the fact that this statement was placed over the entrance to the bathroom made me question for a moment exactly what would happen to me when I stepped inside. "Tate the Rhythm of Jamaica." Uh yeah. For that alone, I am also thankful for the restroom's basic design and decor.

Marks out of 10:

7. A standard toilet but the roominess and placement really transform it into a haven.

Comments to the Management:

Change the soap from Sanis to a difference brand. Otherwise, this is a decent stop. I wouldn't mind seeing a little more color in the bathroom (again, I allude to Hurricane's, which adds some soft Florida decor to their toilets), or at least some wall hangings. Another idea might be to pump in some of that house music into here.

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