Thursday 20 March 2008

Shiny, Brand-New Penny Found on Floor of Hershey's Ice Cream Bathroom

Hershey's Ice Cream
6437 S. Chickasaw Trail
Orlando, FL USA

Where is it?

This is a long place, so from the main entrance walk to the rear of the establishment, past the order counter and ice cream coolers, until you reach the very back corner of it (past the storage area and semi-open kitchen). The bathrooms are there, in a little enclave.

What's it like?

This modest little storefront, located inside a strip mall surrounding a neighborhood Publix, is a typical local's joint. Modest, clean interior, friendly staff, unpretentious -- essentially, a very warm place to stop for a snack or some ice cream after spending your money at the nearby Publix. The menu consists of standard fast food fare -- Chicago-style hot dogs, chicken fingers, french fries, etc -- as well as some terrific ice cream dishes. The ice cream, by far, is the main attraction here -- it's terrific, real ice cream, stuff that people up north who grew up with dairy farms will appreciate (sorry, but the Floridian affinity for soft serve with added flavorings just ain't the same!). The food, on the other hand, isn't anything special -- a decent standby if you're in the neighborhood and want something quick and cheap -- but there are far better hot dog joints and fried food palaces in the Orlando area. Still, if you're in the area and feel the need to nosh......

Like the restaurant it's located in, the toilet here is modest, clean and cozy and modest. It accommodates only one person at a time, either sex, and because the restaurant itself tends to be quiet most of the time, the toilet here actually makes for a great place to stop for a longer visit, if need be. Much better than the noisy Publix nearby.

Plus, the interior has a few design flourishes you might not expect from such a little place (and thinking it over, I wonder if the owners here took a few notes from Tacos El Rancho): The floor is covered in a somewhat elegant rust-colored tile and the walls are painted green. It's a combination that you think wouldn't work, but when it's coupled with the dim lighting of the environment, they somehow work, creating a sort of Creole-inspired atmosphere, believe it or not. Fixtures are your standard white porcelain models, but they are clean and comfortable.

On top of this, I found a shiny, brand new penny sitting at the base of the toilet. Not sure if it was accidentally dropped there, or if it was left by a prankish visitor who wanted someone to get his or her hands filthy while getting it (yes, we all know the trick with the quarter left inside the urinal water, right?), but still it was there, and though I didn't pick it up, it looked clean and ready to find its way into someone's pocket.

Marks out of 10:

8. A cozy, unpretentious little environment found in a cozy, unpretentious little neighborhood joint.

Comments to the Management:

Consider dropping quarters or half-dollar coins on the ground, and I'll think more seriously about picking them up. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

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