Tuesday 13 November 2007

Blinding are the Lights at THE QUOD

Quod Brasserie,
92 - 94 High Street,
United Kingdom


Where is it?

From the entrance head to the right past the bar towards the right hand wall. The entrance to the toilets is half way down the restaurant on the right hand wall. The mens’ is then on the right.

What’s it like?

The QUOD is in the centre of historic Oxford, but there’s nothing old fashioned about this trendy bar come restaurant. From the cool bar that inevitably meets you in the centre of restaurant floor, to the restored brick this place exudes cool, but cool that has good historic foundations in a converted Georgian banking hall building.

The Quod gets its name from the colleges around and about. Magdalene, Merton, Brasenose, University, All Souls and Queens are all within spitting distance, although you’d not do something as uncouth round here? The food is surprisingly good for a location that could sell itself to the tourists without any problem. Its not got top restaurant flair or quality, but then again it isn’t top restaurant prices either. All in all it’s a good place to meet friends and have a bite to eat before going on for a pint or two elsewhere.

The toilets are also pretty damned cool too. The stainless steel finish on almost everything and the bright lighting literally blinded me when I walked in. Shiny is not the word for it. And no I’d not had one too many, I was the driver this particular evening. Once my eyes adjusted to the lighting levels it was easy to see the quality of ‘mosaic’ tile on the wall and decent stone on the floor. These facilities felt like they were made to last, like the rest of the building.

Add to this that they were pretty damned clean, if a little busy on this particular Thursday night, then you have what I can only say is a pretty good effort at stylish toilets in keeping with a great location.

Marks out of 10:

9 – for the cool style in a historic setting.

Comments to the management:

Keep up the cool – and maybe cool down the lighting?

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