Monday 6 August 2007

Weird Waitress: Messy Toilets

Flynns Bar & Brasserie.
16/17 The Courtyard
GL50 1SR
United Kingdom

Where is it?

From the front entrance head straight towards the bar. Then head left. The door to the toilet is hidden from view behind a pillar, but it is there. Honest!

What’s it like?

What to say about Flynn’s Bar and Brasserie? Well to be frank this is a place I would give a miss. Why? Well it is a combination of things, and whilst the food was passable for the price I can’t but think that a couple of pounds more elsewhere would have put a smile on my face.

Let me start by talking about the waitress. She was well presented enough, but not overly smart and seemed quite efficient at first. But then you quickly you find out that she is damned right strange. Neither the person I was with nor I are, have been, or will be her “honey”. I began to wonder who boiled the bunnies in the kitchen. So, that was off putting fact number one.

Next is that the place is extraordinarily hot. It wasn’t a particularly warm day, but the heat in the place. On top of this they lit candles on every table. I’ve been in cooler restaurants in Africa – and they have the common sense to try and cool things down.

So was I in a good frame of mind when I headed for the toilet? Well at least the toilets might provide a break from the hot weirdness of the restaurant. Oh foolish me. What I was presented with was a ghastly mess. The floor was covered on toilet paper. It was if the Andrex puppy had got off its lead, popped down to Flynn’s, got pissed and then couldn’t resist running riot in the toilets.

Add to this the sneaking paranoia that you might be stabbed any minute and that the toilets were sweltering rather than just hot, and the fairly clean and sleek d├ęcor of the place is just forgotten.

Oh for the Chinese up the road.

Marks out of 10:

4. If you set about cleaning them you might get a 7.

Comments to the management:

Clean the toilets, and add some air conditioning and you might get a decent score.

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