Friday 31 August 2007

Grand Lakes' Loos May Be Most Regal in O-Town

JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes
4040 Central Florida Pkwy
Orlando, FL USA 32837
(407) 206-2300

Where is it?

There are dozens of public toilets in this luxury hotel. The one visited was on the G Level, across from meeting room Amarante 1. To get there, enter through the main entrance, head north through the hotel's shopping area (where you'll find a Starbucks and John Craig, among others) until you reach the escalators. Go down one level, turn right, then immediately left. The bathrooms will be on your left about 20 feet down the hallway.

What's it like?

The JW Marriott Grand Lakes is an enormous hotel in the south part of Orlando, filled with many fine dining options (and the best macaroni and cheese in town by far!), top-notch golf and spacious rooms. As expected, their public toilets are immaculate stations, supremely clean, spacious, classy, sophisticated and comfortable. Quite a mix, considering that most toilets of this caliber offer only a selection of those qualities, not all of them at once.

The facilities themselves are pristine: Roomy stalls and urinal areas, sparkling, in perfect working order, and offering much privacy. The bathroom itself holds about 10 stalls, which makes it a bit daunting at first (so many choices!) but once you've settled in you'll feel nothing but comfort and coziness. If only there were vending machines in the stalls -- I would have been there all day!

The vanity is highlighted by a row of ornate mirrors, as well as various wicker and glass decorations. A pleasing floral scent greats you the instant you open the door (making even the smelliest of deposits seem unembarrassing), and a soundtrack of hip-yet-soothing new-age-inspired house music plays on the sound system above -- just loud enough to excuse any noises you might make but so loud as to cause you to feel rushed or uncomfortable.

Other highlights include: a temperature control set cooler than expected (which makes a pleasing counterpoint if stepping in from outside -- the entrance to the pool is only 50 feet away); the golden lighting that shines down from the ceiling (really embodies the luxury mindset here); the choice of drying your hands with terrycloth or paper towels (you deposit the former in a wicker laundry basket when done -- another nice touch); and some of the silkiest, most flowery smelling hand soap I've ever tried.

Marks out of 10:

10. It ain't heaven, but it's close. I actually asked about rent prices before checking out of the hotel -- sadly, it was out of my range.

Comments to the Management:

Sheer perfection. Keep up the good work.

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