Saturday 4 August 2007

Mile Under Club Limited By Grubby Toilets

Under the English Channel
United Kingdom and France

Where is it?

Drive to the channel tunnel and on to the train. There is a toilet in every third carriage. Once parked get out and walk forward, it will be on the left hand side.

What’s it like?

This is a cool place to go for a pee. You may have heard of the mile high club, but what about the mile under club? Well maybe you’d want to give that a miss (given what I say below), but taking a pee in a technological marvel of the age (the tunnel, not the train obviously) is certainly something to write home about – well at least write a blog on!

We parked right next to the loo that made this a convenient stop. Three steps around the front of the car and you were there. Still, a sticky door handle could have easily added a significant delay to the proceedings. Given the achievements of the channel tunnelers (tunnelling from both ends they came together in the middle only 5cm of centre) it’s a pity the toilets were not more impressive.

OK it might be impressive that the toilets had soap this far under water, as it might that they had obviously been cleaned. To give credit where its due, the push button flush was surprisingly advanced for otherwise basic toilets too. But then you are left with pokey aircraft like toilets that are in bad need of refurbishment. They are grubby because they have aged. And they smell terrible, being completely airless. Finding toilets here that are so basic is a real let down, especially as the terminal buildings are so plush. My advice is use the terminal toilets. Use the train toilets at your peril.

Marks out of 10:

4. Worth giving a miss.

Comments to the management:

For such a great way to travel, these toilets stink (literally).

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