Saturday 4 August 2007

Possibly the Highest Toilets in Europe?

Seegube Station
Next to Leingartner's Seegrube & Hafelekar Restaurant
Seegrube Lift (1.905 meters)

Where is it?

Take the Seegrube lift at Nordpark in Innsbruck. Once you have got off the lift head straight past the exit on the left and entrance to the restaurant. The toilets are through some fairly heavy grey doors.

What’s it like?

From potentially some of the lowest toilets in the world to some of the highest. High up above the tree line in the Austrian alps I was not that sure what I’d find in the way of toilet facilities. On previous winter visits to French resorts in the Alps I’ve always been presented with some fairly rudimentary and dirty toilets. With this in mind my expectations were not high on this visit. Nevertheless, the drive from Munich had made a wee stop essential. So what can be said here?

Well I’d have to say I was pleasantly surprised. Innsbruck itself has a lot to offer for the summer visitor. And I’d have to say the trip to these toilets must be one of the most scenic in the world. The lift is newly refurbished and although at 19.50 euros return is a little expensive, is a trip you should not miss.

The toilets themselves are also surprisingly good. In fact they were well beyond my expectations; maybe because this is Austria and not France? When it comes down to it these were well thought out and high-grade toilets that would be at home in any restaurant. The designers had thought about who would be using them and there was lots of space for skiers with bulky clothing and equipment. The materials were also heavy so that they’ll wear well. They were also very clean, except for the floor that having been recently cleaned had muddy boot marks from the various walkers who had taken a break.

So overall, a good place to pee in a spectacular setting!

Marks out of 10:

8. A must see.

Comments to the management:

Keep up the Austrian efficiency.

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