Tuesday 12 June 2007

Surprisingly, Little Works at Lexus Dealership's Luxury-Based Facilities

Lexus of Orlando
Service Department
305 N Semoran Blvd
Winter Park, FL USA 32792


NOTE: This is our first review of this location. To read a review of our return visit, please click here.

Where is it?

From the main entrance: Head in through the main doors, go around the cashier desk located in the center of the lobby, past the classy-looking cafe, and walk towards the drop-off entrance. Before you get to the doors, look left and you'll see the bathrooms.

From the drop-off entrance: Pass through the double doors leading to the customer lounge, cashier and cafe and look to your immediate right. The bathrooms are there.

What's it like?

This is a classy, debonair-looking public bathroom that's covered in tan-colored marbel tiles and understated decor like fake flowers that look real and framed pictures of landscapes and other serene scenes (not car ads, to my surprise). The decor gives the place a feel of cool isolation and makes you feel miles away from the service area and garage, which are essentially right outside. The thick, black-metal stall dividers and doors further the fortruss-like feel, and the stately automatic faucets, soap dispensers and towel dispensers are just icing on the cake.

Having said that, two of the toilets were not working upon my visit, one urinal and one sit-down commode. This I found to be very ironic. This is a luxury car dealer's service department, after all, and people look at the place as a spot of surefire stability, a place where money does indeed buy quality. When you can't get the basics right, you start wondering what else they haven't got right. Lexus or not, it's a major oversight on the management's side. In fact, it makes the place look cheap and shoddy. Hell, if I want to visit an out-of-order toilet, I'll head to a Hyundai dealership, or Daewoo, or even Chevy. But not Lexus. At Lexus, as the slogan says, I expect "nothing better."

Marks out of 10:

6. Would have been higher were it not for the two "Out of Service" signs found on those two toilets -- and the social ramifications they implied thereafter.

Comments to the Management:

Come on, Lexus, your customers (people with money to burn on automobiles that are essentially just expensive Toyotas) expect your public bathroom facilities to be in top working order upon arrival. Imagine the letdown they felt when they weren't.

Worse still, what if there had been a mad rush for the toilet? Two wealthy people (or at least those pretending to be wealthy -- they could have been lease participants) would have been out of luck -- and who would cover their wash bills? Would you? Doubtful!

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