Wednesday 13 June 2007

Nissan Dealership to Public: Please Help Us Eliminate Odor (and Don't Forget to Buy a Car While You're Here)

Classic Nissan
1983 N. Semoran Blvd.
Orlando, FL USA

Where is it?

Against the back wall of the northern side of the main showroom, beside the copier and right before the glass-walled salesperson offices lining the far north wall of the place.

What's it like?

This is an older dealership that looks like it used to be a Pizza Hut or similar kind of business. Inside, the place looks like it needs a serious makeover, including a good paint job and some serious wall buffing.

The bathrooms are no different: Grungy yet functional and in serious need of a revamping. Water stains could be seen on the sink and urinal. The linoleum floor was noticeably chipped in places. The walls had a fair amount of grime on them. And the only decor was a limp-looking fake plant placed on the counter beside the sink.

Worse yet, I found a sign above the urinal reading, "Please flush to eliminate odor. Thank you." What exactly was that supposed to mean? Was there an odor there that was ever present and only flushing could eliminate it? (I didn't smell anything, so I imagine the order given on the sign was being put to good use.) Was the clientele of the dealership the sort that didn't flush regularly? Or did the salespeople and other employees not flush regularly? Or -- considering the griminess of the place -- was this the only sort of way the restroom got cleaned here, by asking the public to flush and eliminate odors?

Needless to say, it was a jarring sight and made me want to leave immediately. Though, in actually, I ended up staying at the dealership a while longer and bought my new car there. Clearly, the potential for looming odors shell-shocked me enough to want to drop several grand on a new car. (Hmm.... now I'm thinking this sign above the urinal might well be the greatest marketing ploy every created...... Even better than New Coke!)

Marks out of the 10:

4. Would have been lower were it not for the subliminal advertising effect.

Comments to the Management:

The practical side of me says your restroom needs a serious makeover. But the capitalistic side of me says you should keep up the good work.

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