Tuesday 22 May 2007

Behind the Red Door at Anmol

Anmol Indian Cuisine
12239 University Blvd
Orlando, FL USA 32817


Where is it?

From the main entrance, go down the little hallway to the right of the kitchen and service prep counter and journey down to the back of the building (probably a good 30 ft.) before coming to two red doors -- the men's room is behind one, the women's the other. And yes, signs are posted by the doors so you won't walk into the wrong place.

What's it like?

Anmol took over the space some years back from another Indian place, which specialized in cheap vegetarian cuisine. To be honest, I liked the food that the first place better, though Anmol is certainly more upscale in presentation, service, menu offerings and interior decor. The food is decent here, particularly the tandoori grilled items and the kabobs, though there are better Indian places in town. Regardless, it's still the kind of place that offers food that makes you sweat and your stomach churn from heavy spice, so expect to make a bathroom visit, or two, or three.

Luckily, the facilities are much nicer than expected. Strip mall restaurants tend to put little effort into bathroom decor -- or even cleanliness sometimes. That's not the case here. The loo is located behind a glossy painted red door, which of course matches the color of some of their more robust sauces (or perhaps what you'll extrude the following morning).

Inside, you'll find a tasteful, clean environment that's well-maintained and peaceful, even with it's generic white toilet and sink. The gentle pink paint and dark tile exude a sense of serenity, and blend well with the red door color scheme.

Even better, because it's located so far back from the dining room, and because that red door is colored in a way that increases your sense of isolation, you don't feel guilty for taking a longer sit-down than needed (and the food's so spicy and greasy here, you might have to do that).

Marks out of 10:

8. Would have been a 7, save for the location and that spicy red door.

Comments to the Management:

Perhaps increase the isolation factor by adding another red door at the head of the hallway leading to the bathrooms?

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