Friday 16 March 2007

Orlando's Citrus Club: Posh almost to a fault

Citrus Club
255 South Orange Avenue
1800 Citrus Center
Orlando, FL USA 32801-3481

Where is it?

To the left and right of the elevator lobby. Just exit the elevator and look left and right for the loos. Of course, you'll need to be a member to reach the floor (it's a private club) -- and be dressed somewhat formally to be allowed entrance after that -- so don't expect any emergency pity here.

What's it like?

This is a posh, old-fashioned social club filled with elaborate decor at every turn. The bar area is filled with velvet chairs, dark woods and high-end bottles galore. The dining room looks much like a cruise ship's interior -- and with some spectacular views of Orlando. And the food is fantastic, if not a bit on the excessively rich side. This is a classic special occasion spot which just happens to be frequented almost daily by its membership. (Does that mean every day is a special occasion to them? Perhaps.)

The bathrooms, as expected, are equally ornate, with heavy green marble counters, heavy-wood stall doors, gleaming white floor tiles, thick hand towels (terry cloth, not paper) by the sink for drying your hands, a bunch of toiletries (mouthwash, hand sanitizer, cologne, etc.) available on a counter before you go and more. The only drawback is that with all that stuff in there, it makes the bathroom feel a little bit crammed. Heck, it's such a production, you'd expect the place to be as expansive as Caesar's Palace in Vegas. Still, it's impressive and spotless at every turn.

Marks out of 10:

10. Even if it feels a bit small, it's still a wonder of bathroom-based engineering. Kudos.

Comments to the Management:

If only I didn't have to wear a tie and jacket to enter......

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