Friday 16 March 2007

Mony mony.... Mony mony......

Tom and Mony's
4757 S Orange Ave
Orlando, FL USA 32806

Where is it?

From the main entrance, go straight, past the dining room to your left and game room to your right. Just before you get to the bar, turn right down a little hallway (if you go straight you'll end up in the kitchen). The bathrooms will be on your right.

What's it like?

This is a homey neighborhood bar in South Orlando that caters to a lot of working class people. Good food (some of the best wings in town) and a very laid back atmosphere that's good for both kids and adults. The decor is a bit on the dark side and the bar is of the old American style, with brass fixtures, TVs with ESPN on them and dark woods.

Given that, you'd expect the bathrooms to be a bit dingy, but like the Fillin' Station (another homey neighborhood bar in east-central Orlando) they are suprisingly clean. Not much in terms of decor, mind you -- just standard white walls and white porcelain sink and toilets and such -- but still clean regardless. Quite a surprise, considering the number of kids roaming the place during my visit.

Also impressive are its amusing attempts to ensure bathroom cleanliness whenever possible. A sign reading "We aim to please, you aim too please" can be found over the urinal and a sign reading "Please DON'T flush the brown hand towels or another other than toilet paper down the toilet" can be found in the stall. Obviously, this place has seen the worst of it and lived to tell about it.

Marks out of 10:

7. Not spectacular, but still surprisingly clean and comfy.

Comments to the Management:

Keep up the good work. Obviously the signs are doing the trick.

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Anonymous said...

To be honest, I felt like King George atop his throne when I walked into the bathroom stall here. A very content relief experience. Believe me, the food here is spicy, so you will undoubtedly need to visit the facilities. Don't fight the urge. Once you unbuckle your pants and nestle your buttocks onto the seat, you will be glad you're here.