Sunday 18 March 2007

4 Stars for Marriott York

Marriott York Hotel
Tadcaster Road
YO24 1QQ
United Kingdom

Where is it?

From the main entrance go off to the right. Go past the bar and fork right by the restaurant. The toilets are ahead on the right.

Whats it like

This is a 4 star hotel with a view of the York racecourse from the dining room and the historic centre of York in the distance. I guess this and the swimming pool, tiny as it is, gets this place its four stars. It’s a pity that facilities like this don’t do it for me and, although spacious, better cleaner rooms and more inventive and tasty menu would have to be a top priority if I was going to give this hotel 4 stars.

Still, the distinctly 3 star experience doesn’t run to the toilets. Bright and extremely smart the toilets are actually the best thing about the place. Very modern, the white tile half way up the wall gives it a clean feel. The subdued brown and white stripe of the wallpaper complements this well. The beach effect surround for the sinks with black marble top and modern lighting carries through the modern feel.

The only thing that is out of place is the god awful grey plastic towel dispenser. Who could go to the trouble of picking a top of the line bin and then do that. What intrigued me here was the dispenser for a ‘chewable toothbrush’. I’ve not noticed these before, but they're a cool life saver for anyone who needs to freshen up and hasn’t bought their own toothbrush with them. I wonder if anyone actually uses them?

Marks out of 10:

Clean and cool gets an 8.

Comments to the management:

Pity the toilets are the best thing about your hotel. Flowers would add the personal touch needed for a 10.

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