Sunday 30 October 2011

Spotless Chic in Sothern Africa

Sir Seretse Khama International Airport
Airport Road

Where is it?

A long way from here I am right now. The appalling state of Newark’s apparently first world toilets have spurred me to ditch catching up on work and write. Outrage has it some benefits?

Go through the security into the cathedral like terminal waiting area following the right hand wall. Half way down you’ll find a corridor signed for the toilets. Follow the corridor and they are on the right.

What's it like?

Let’s be clear Botswana benefits from diamond and tourist income. Their new airport puts most I go through to shame. Brand spanking new. Hotel quality chic. And so few people that you feel like you have got the whole place to yourself.

The small bar / restaurant before check in has a utilitarian feel, but when you can have a burger made from Botswana’s excellent quality beef and a beer who cares if it’s got paper table cloths.

Once through to the lounge the quality only increases. The lounge is big. No, strike that, it’s huge. The cathedral like ceiling means it dwarfs those you see elsewhere. Then the kid in
you kicks in. Glass windows front the runway and you can see everything. If it wasn’t for the odd plane you’d think you were right in the bush. Bb233

The signage matches this. Clear – it practically smacks you around the face! But what I like about it the most is that all the signage is set in UK format. Perfect.

The corridor leading to the toilets has black marble floor tiles and luxury wall tile. Go into the rest rooms and you see a phalanx of sinks and a Dyson replica hand dryer. Add to this that the stalls are spotless and of international quality all you can say is that these toilets are top class.

Marks out of 10

Marks out of 10

8. Fantastic quality in a great setting.

Comments to the management

If “this is Africa” there are great things ahead! Bravo
PS Newark - look at this. You are being trounced by Botswana!

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