Sunday 2 September 2007

Craven Picks Over Remains of Old Toilet

Craven Arms
GL54 5XQ

Where is it?

Easy this one. As you come in from the car park head directly left and virtually double back on yourself and you’ll be right there for the mens’.

What’s it like?

This place reminds me of the Fox in Great Barrington as one of those Pubs in the Cotswolds that have not quite pulled of the move in to the 21st Century. The menu shows some effort however can’t compete with the very many pubs that manage to give good tasty food with flair. Charging more might help them make this transformation, but I guess they’re probably scared of putting off their mainly aged customers. This is a pity because all ways around you end up with a bad deal. What seems cheap on the menu becomes bad value when it’s on the plate in front of you.

The same can be said for the décor. It’s not that bad all round, but with that little bit of effort could be something spectacular. The comfy sitting room is all OK if a little worn. The restaurant space tries to blend in with the 16th century cottage feel and just ends up dull and sterile at the same time with an expanse of tile.

I wish I could be more positive with the toilets. Well they’re OK. In fact let me give credit where credit is due. A lot of effort has gone in to them. There is a great orchid and pot-purée, great curtains too. Effort has been put in to painting the walls bright white and making them clean. In fact the toilet cubical is perfectly nice.

But here’s the rub. Taking a 50-year-old toilet and giving it some paint will never quite do the trick. The rusty radiator and warn sink let the whole place down. All the effort that would usually score highly goes to waste as you cannot ignore the fact the facilities are ancient.

The owner of this place fails to see things through the modern customers’ eyes. Like the fact that talking to the locals rather than serving your customers and helping out your rushed and over worked staff is not a good move she can’t seem to see that customer don’t want to see effort, they want to see comfortable and completely clean toilet. No rust. Proper heating. No unwanted smells. Get it? Probably not.

Marks out of 10:

5 for the effort and the fact everything worked.

Comments to the management:

This place has such potential and is let down by through no lack of effort (in the toilet at least). Spend some money and I’m sure you’ll get some good returns.

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